• 1701 – Current year
  • 1696 – Port Valour established
  • 1685 – The Freeport Rebellion
    Main Castillean/ Frankian settlement on Culebra-Mona rebels against Frankian rule, and becomes an independent settlement. Victorious rebels rename it “Freeport”
  • 1672 – Queensport established; New Greenwich established
    New Greenwich becomes Albion’s main connecting port to the Northern Colonies and the Old World
  • 1670 – Treaty of Maridissa between Castille and Albion
    The treaty officially recognises Albion’s control over Kingston, the Shipwreck Isles, Krynos and the Nassau Isles
  • 1662 – Port Royal earthquake; Kingston Town established_
    An earthquake destroys much of Port Royal. A temporary settlement is established across the harbour while Port Royal is rebuilt. This temporary settlement becomes Kingston Town_

  • 1655 – Albion seizes Kingston
  • 1654 – Albion captures Keynes and the Nassau Isles
    A major expedition is launched against New Castille in late 1654, but quickly stalls and proves to be a major overreach. The expedition redirects and attacks Kingston.

  • 1653 – Albion begins a major military campaign into the Western Isles.

  • 1650 – Port-au-Prince established; Frankia captures Culebra-Mona

  • 1625 – Pirates begin using a small, rocky island as a mooring and re-supply point.
    By 1645, it will become known as the Blackport

  • 1520 – Culebra-Mona settled by Castille.
  • 1518 – Port Royal established by Castillean settlers
    Originally called Caguay by the Castilleans, its name is changed to Port Royal when Kingston is later seized by Albion

  • 1514 – Puerto Dominica established

  • 1509 – Castillean settlers arrive on Kingston
    The settlers establish “Sevilla”, but the settlement is later abandoned.

  • 1492 – Castillean explorers arrive in the Western Isles
    These explorers claim all the land in the Western Isles in the name of the Castillean Royal Family.


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