Commodore Thomas Thornhill [Deceased]

Former Governor of Port Valour


A kind, but stern man in his late 50s, Thornhill was an able naval commander, and held a ranking position in the Royal Naval squadron which brought Harkon to battle in 1691. He was appointed Governor of Port Valour soon after the town was founded in 1695.

The party first encountered Thornhill during the Sea Wolves’ raid on Port Valour, where he coordinated the town’s defence from the main keep.

After the battle, Thornhill reluctantly decided to abandon the town and retreat to Port Royal, Kingston. However, his daughter, Catherine, had been kidnapped during the night’s fighting, and so he hired the party to perform a daring rescue.

Thornhill became a firm ally for the party after they brought Catherine back safe. He wrote a letter of commendation to the head of Aurelio’s order (thus helping to secure Aurelio’s promotion), and helped the party convince Governor William Morgan that Harkon had indeed returned.

Thornhill was murdered on 10 March, 1701 – cruelly cut down in his new office at Old Government House, Port Royal. Catherine discovered his body just after sundown, with the party arriving not long after. While the culprits are still at large, the party strongly suspect this was the work of La Familia Venicii – either acting in concert with Harkon, or as a “welcoming” surprise (or warning) for Timoth…

Commodore Thomas Thornhill [Deceased]

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