Welcome to the Western Isles…

Warm seas, idyllic tropical islands and a fresh start. Unexplored jungle, adventure and gold. The Western Isles offer all these, and more. For the colonists of the Old World, these new lands offer a fresh start, and space to grow.

But the colonies of the New World are under siege. In an audacious bid for power, buccaneer crews throughout the Western Isles are banding together, launching increasingly sophisticated raids that bring terror and destruction to all who stand in their way.

And the pirates are not alone. Enclaves of necromancers from the southern continent have thrown their magical support behind the fleet captains, while something is stirring the creatures of the deep into launching their own attacks against the colonies.

But who is the mysterious lord unifying the pirates of the New World? And what is their final endgame?

Never before has the need for heroes been as desperate…

Terrors of the Deep is a campaign for D&D 5th ed, using a heavily-modified Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure path.

Terrors of the Deep

Arkyte Tennikah