A mysterious port city on the Southern Continent, Paraiso interacts little with the outside world. The city is built on a shallow plateau, two miles upriver from the ocean. It is considered a “free city”, where all who are weary of the strife of the Old and New Worlds are welcome.

Paraiso is allegedly ruled by ‘The Condesa’, who rumours holds is a striking, Castillian noblewoman. However, stories of The Condesa stretch back several generations, much longer than the average human lifespan, which would suggest Paraiso’s mysterious ruler is nothing more than myth.

Finding the city is itself an arduous journey, as a magical fog conceals the river mouth and plateau from the prying eyes of the outside world. For this reason, the city is closed to foreign trade for most of the year. Each summer, the fog lifts for a short period – never more than one month – and foreign vessels may approach the city. Very few are permitted to dock at the port itself. Instead, they moor one mile upstream and are met by Paraiso’s representatives.

Those who have seen the city describe a beautiful, well-cultivated landscape, with buildings dressed in gold and white marble. The more fanciful tales describe a briefly-glimpsed dragon, closely observing those outsiders who come to Paraiso.

One confirmed fact is that the city has a large population of Dragonborn. Although still uncommon in the Western Isles (but not as rare as in the Old World), Dragonborn can be encountered throughout the towns and jungles of the islands. If you meet one, there is a fair chance they will be from Paraiso, driven by some strange impulse to wander from the mysterious paradise of the South.


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