Sir Aurelio Alfonzo el Oro

Shining Beacon of Racism


Aurelio was born in the small Castillian coastal town of Costa Brillante. His mother died in childbirth, and he was left to be raised by his father, a fisherman. They lived a simple life, regularly going out on their old trawler to catch their dinner and earn their living.

While raiders would occasionally attack Castillian villages, Costa Brillante remained untroubled, largely thanks to the Orden de la Dei Lucrii fortress half a day’s ride north. But everything changed for Costa Brillante one day, when the fire nation attacked a particular pirate crew decided it was worth the risk.

A massive storm had broken that night, and the fishermen were either scrambling to get back to harbour or hunkering down in their storm cellars. No one saw the ship flying the black flag pull into harbour and lower longboats, and so no one could wonder why it didn’t seem affected in the slightest by the maelstrom swirling around them.

It was hard to distinguish over the storm, but Aurelio’s father could hear screams mixed in with the usual breaking of timber associated with such a storm. He was not sure what the cause was, but clearly some tragedy was unfolding, so he bade Aurelio stay hidden and ventured out, axe and mallet in hand.

As Aurelio pressed his ear to the cellar doors, he heard the clash and clang of weaponry, followed by the thump of something falling against the doors from the other side and a roar as of a barrel of lamp oil igniting. Blood started dripping from the cellar doors, but as Aurelio went to push them open something else fell across them and they became immovable. Aurelio was trapped down there in the dark, hearing the howling of the storm, the screams of his neighbours, and the drip of the door, but unable to do anything about it. He withdrew deep into himself, and knew no more for a time.

When the Knights de la Orden finally arrived, it was to a scene of devastation – the storm had damaged many of the buildings, and there did not appear to be anyone alive. The dead villagers had been killed by sword and musket, however, and the knights began searching for signs of who might have done such a thing.

As evening fell, they were led to one particular collapsed, burnt-out house by the soft, golden glow that appeared to be emanating from beneath it. After some digging, they found a charred corpse lying across a pair of storm cellar doors with an ornate cutlass still firmly embedded in his chest, with a peculiar mark on its pommel. The glow appeared to be coming from inside the cellar. Upon entering, they found a boy of no more than about ten, catatonic, and glowing with a fierce golden light. The knights believed it was a miracle; that his survival and golden glowing aura were signs from Vauraus himself. They took him back to their keep and he was raised by a senior knight, Sir Arnau Campeador, to become a knight himself.

The story of Aurelio’s miraculous survival spread quickly through the order, and many of his instructors gave him favourable treatment as a result. This earned him the ire of many of his peers, who chafed at the obvious favouritism. This was not aided by the fact that Aurelio himself grew up to be a vain and arrogant man, constantly flaunting his abilities and revelling in his favoured status.

Aurelio became a zealous believer in Orden principles, dogma, and tactics. Despite the general move of La Orden away from heavy armour and large melee weapons following the invention of firearms and La Orden’s shift to naval operations, however, Aurelio insisted on the traditional gilded Orden heavy armour and greatsword, idolising as he did the knights in shining armour of yore.

A squire on the cusp of knighthood in La Orden de la Dei Lucrii is given a final task or mission they must complete in order to attain full knighthood. A number of Aurelio’s peers had graduated before him, and had some input into what his task might be; ideally something that would take Aurelio far away and also be lethal, but which could also be sold to the senior knights who expected great things of him. They decided to have him go on a wild goose chase for a moderately notorious pirate, Capitan Esmerelda Diaz, down in the colonies. Aurelio was thrilled to be given such an important task, apparently tailored for him by his peers.

After he was given his mission, Sir Campeador took Aurelio aside and informed him that La Orden had received reports of another pirate band in that area who were associated with the mark that was present on the cutlass that ended Aurelio’s father’s life. Aurelio took the next ship out to the Western Isles, there to seek his knighthood, and his revenge.

Sir Aurelio Alfonzo el Oro

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